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Production Designer
Art Director
Project Manager


Los Angeles, CA   90028

Résumé available on request



There isn't a concise path to working as a Production Designer or Art Director.  The imagined settings in film and television have always inspired me. Music study and art classes as a child evolved into the study of architecture.


A position as a Set designer led to a career designing for film and television productions.  An Emmy nomination came in 2003 for the ABC miniseries The Music Man as Art Director under Production Designer Stephen Hendrickson. Being director David Cronenberg's Art Director in LA for his  feature film Maps To The Stars was a particularly rewarding experience.


Since 2015, I've also collaborated on themed entertainment , experiential and specialty retail projects. For all my past work, supporting the story and defining a cohesive creative concept is key.  The viewer, participant or consumer should be captivated visually and be engaged in a unique interactive experience.  EB


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